Shadowgraphs Magazine and the Shadowgraph Press were founded in 1978 by Richard Summers as a “small press” magazine. Based in the Cambridge, Massachusetts literary scene it gained both local and national acclaim. It survived an initial print run of six editions before running out of funds to cover printing costs. It then lapsed into dormancy for almost 25 years. In 2006 it was revived, online, beginning with a series of “Broadside” postings on this blog.

It’s goal is to enrich, enliven and encompass our lives through art, music and literature. If there are any social or political goals implied, they are to improve our society, and its understanding of itself.

Richard Summers is a writer, musician and entrepreneur. Having graduated from a liberal arts program in the early 1970’s midwest, and after starting Shadowgraphs, he got involved in the singer/songwriter music scene thanks to the influence of a few talented friends. Working a day job in the print/publishing industry gave him insight into the design, marketing and promotional aspects of the creative community at large. He is now a partner in an art gallery in Newburyport, Massachusetts.

Contact: richard_summers@shadowgraphpress.com



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