When looking back upon it

life can be divided
into many great epochs, large and small
of love and learning, labor and loss

these moments may well seem
to have been mildly uneventful
stretched out over decades
punctuated by proud celebrations
or vanquished scornful tears
lost in dreams, yet unfulfilled
while uncertainties haunt
the rally of dawn

I have managed somehow
to be a troubadour in Portugal
a firebrand in Chicago
even once to be a crow
full of sorcery
in the mountains of Sonora

I have loved in starlight
abandoned all hope and battled
with those I hardly knew.

to see beyond this moment
all that I have not learned
weighs on me, so while
what little I know has no meaning
for some belief in what may follow
when the next step has been taken,
one can only hope
that it will be thus,
as grand as it was imagined
in this brief passage of time
but leave me no memory
of what has been lost.

~Richard Summers