So, Here It Ends

There is a feeling which begins to subside
when I think of you
an outlook in which I feel comfortable
that will become the way I see, and am seen

there will be moments when life seems to begin
as there will be those in which it ends

there will be times when I remember you
will see you in the middle aged woman in the grocery
or in the young couple riding bicycles by the sea
perhaps you will be the old face who reminds me
of the entire congregation of the church I worship in

I will hear you in a bird’s call
I’ll stand by the ocean and think of your depth
I will watch the sun go behind the clouds
and think how it was when last we parted
remembering the chill which came over us
never to be really warmed again

You will whisper to me, and I to you, on the wind
It will sing ever higher the chant of our love
as it roars past our ears in the winter

the world will turn to ice, and then melt away
you will be floating in the cosmos
which you chose to believe in
and I will float there beside you
forever until it all, otherwise
comes to an end.

~Richard Summers